Pretty Peony Wall Decal Stickers


Quickly create a beautiful and eye-catching flower wall feature!

Everything you need to create the Look pictured can be found HERE

"My daughter hasn't stopped pointing and saying 'pretty' since I stuck up your stickers last night. Thank you again." - Joanna

Our gorgeous decals will transform that plain boring wall into a beautiful feature wall in as little at 15 minutes! Giving your room the WOW factor you are looking for.

  • Quick to apply! "Totally transformed the room in about 10 minutes. Brilliant idea." - Emma
  • Instant WOW factor! "Our littlest lady is loving her decals from Kasie's room … makes a lovely feature wall in her room." - Nuala
  • Easy to use! "…they have completely transformed our little girls room and she loved helping to stick them on!" - Alice

No mess. No paint. No wallpaper. Just peel and stick!

Decals are the quickest and easiest way to get an eye catching feature wall for any room of your house, even the bathroom!

They can be styled in so many ways and are easy to move and reapply until you get exactly the look you are after! No more need for expensive wallpaper or the mess and the hassle of installing it!

Create a fresh new look for any style and season!

Put them up and don't like how they look? Just peel them off again! No risk of spending hours painstakingly hand painting or stenciling a design only to decided you don't like it and have to repaint it.

Or you spend all that time, money and energy and 3 months later your child (or you!) wants something new. Just peel them off*, give the wall a quick wipe down and it's ready for you to create a stunning new look!

  • Made from non-toxic PVC.
  • Waterproof, so you can still clean the walls.
  • Easy to apply on most smooth, clean surfaces.
  • Can be re-positioned till you get the look you want.*

"I love this wall stickers! They have completely transformed our little girls room and she loved helping to stick them on! Brilliant quality and fast postage. Took about a week and I live in the UK! Fantastic product, highly recommend Kasie’s Room! - Alice"

Note: Room images are an example only may not be to scale. See 'Size' tab for exact measurements.

*Please read application & removal instructions to ensure the product is right for you.

Pretty Peony Set

Create a beautiful feature wall, or attach them to furniture or windows. Will work on any surface that is smooth and free of dirt. Can be overlapped to create a seamless image.

  • 2 colour variations
  • 60cm x 45cm (23.5" x 17.5") Sheet 
  • Each sheet contains 12 assorted flowers and 13 leaves. 

This decal come on a transparent background and needs to be applied to a white/cream background to stand out. 

Choose your look

The hardest part of applying our decals is deciding what design you love the most! We have put together a few of the most popular spacing's to help give you inspiration and guidance to create your own special room. 

Uniform Designs:

To create a uniform look you will need

  • To carefully calculate the number of decals needed to ensure you can complete your look you will need a template.
  • When going for a uniform design it is better to have a few decals left over than not enough and have to wait for more to arrive before you can finish your look!
  • Allow 30-60 minutes to complete these looks on a 2.3m x 3.5m wall. 

We hope these designs will help inspire you!

Example of Template:

Example of Template:

Random Designs:

To create a random design.

  • Any number of decals can be used.
  • Do not press the decals firmly down until you are happy with the placement.
  • Allow 15-60 minutes to do a 2.3m x 3.5m wall. 

Complex shaped decals and designs:

When you have more specialised decals or larger decals it is best to plan where you want them to go before you start sticking them to the wall as there is a greater chance of damaging them if you attempt to move them.

  • Leave the decal on its backing and separating all the designs by cutting around them but leaving as much backing paper as possible.
  • Use a high quality painters tape to tack the pieces to the wall.
  • Adjust the design till you are happy with the placement.
  • Once you are happy go through and peel them off the backing and attach to the wall.


For more inspiration check out our Shop the Look. Also the review photos from our 100's of happy customers.

WARNING - For decorative purposes only, not a toy. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to strangulation and choking risk. Keep out of reach of small children at all times. Keep away from flames.