About Us

"Beautiful spaces create happy minds

Welcome to Kasie's Room!

A place full of everything you needed to create your little girl's dream bedroom, all in one location!

Here you will find a wide range of products to a place full of Ballerinas, Princesses, Rainbows and Unicorns, and of course Pink! Everything she needs to help her feel like the Princess she is and inspire her to be the Wonder Woman she will become.  

Kasie's Room is a place that you can come and be inspired. Our Instagram & Facebook is full of wonderful rooms from around the world! We are constantly adding more inspiration as well as product reviews and Happy Customer feedback, so come join us! 

Our products are sourced from overseas and shipped worldwide, so we can offer you an amazing range of products no matter where you are! Need help decided what will work together? With over 15 years of interior design experience we are here for you, email shop@kasiesroom.com and we'd love to help you put together the perfect room!

Haven't found what you are looking for? Try Tommy's Room! This is Kasie's Brother Store and has a wide range of wonderful products, for both genders, that are not found here.  Or send us a message, we are constantly growing our collection and may be able to source that item you are looking for!

Be Inspired! And Happy Shopping!

Rachel & the Team

Gold Coast, Australia

PS: Tommy's Room & Kasie's Room are both aimed towards what is generally considered typical themes for a little boy or girl merely to give us a way of grouping products together in a beautiful and cohesive way that is easy for you to navigate. We are quite sure that both stores hold many items that will work for both genders and for gender neutral themes and hope that between the two stores you can find the perfect items to bring your little ones dreams alive!