How Many Decals Do I need?

Choose your look

The hardest part of applying our decals is deciding what design you love the most! We have put together a few of the most popular spacing's to help give you inspiration and guidance to create your own special room. 

Uniform Designs:

To create a uniform look you will need

  • To carefully calculate the number of decals needed to ensure you can complete your look you will need a template.
  • When going for a uniform design it is better to have a few decals left over than not enough and have to wait for more to arrive before you can finish your look!
  • Allow 30-60 minutes to complete these looks on a 2.3m x 3.5m wall. 

We hope these designs will help inspire you!

Example of Template:

Example of Template:

 Random Designs:

To create a random design.

  • Any number of decals can be used.
  • Do not press the decals firmly down until you are happy with the placement.
  • Allow 15-60 minutes to do a 2.3m x 3.5m wall. 

Complex shaped decals and designs:

When you have more specialised decals or larger decals it is best to plan where you want them to go before you start sticking them to the wall as there is a greater chance of damaging them if you attempt to move them.

  • Leave the decal on its backing and separating all the designs by cutting around them but leaving as much backing paper as possible.
  • Use a high quality painters tape to tack the pieces to the wall.
  • Adjust the design till you are happy with the placement.
  • Once you are happy go through and peel them off the backing and attach to the wall.

For more inspiration check out the review photos from our 100's of happy customers.