Baby Mobile Hanger Arm - White Plastic


This easy to assemble baby mobile hanger allows you to suspend your mobile over your little ones cot with ease and style. 

A mobile hanger gives the option of hanging your babies mobile over their cot without damage to the walls or ceiling. It also allows for the mobile to be directly above your little one to help keep them entertained.

This simple white plastic bracket is easily to assemble and comes as a single height and can not be adjusted or slid out of the way like our Timber Mobile Arm can. 

Note: Mobile Arm does NOT come with the wind up music box. We do not stock this item.

Important: Ensure that all pieces are tightened adequately to avoid the arm bending or falling.

The max width of the cot/crib/co-sleeper top edge to be able to secure them firmly is about 2.5-3cm.

While mobiles are wonderful and help with important baby development they usually contain string and small pieces and it is extremely important that your mobile is secured safely out of reach of your child. Always check the length of your mobile to ensure that any brackets will keep it out of reach of your child and continue to monitor it as your child grows and remove it once there is even a small chance your child can reach it. 

WARNING - For decorative purposes only, not a toy. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to strangulation and choking risk. Keep out of reach of small children at all times. Keep away from flames.